Moments have a short lifespan. This makes it important to try to capture a moment and store it for future. One way you can do this is through taking photographs. There are different kinds of photography. Stock photography is one of them. Stock photography is when you as a photographer, upload your photos to an agency with the aim of getting them to the agency's library for other people to purchase. A photographer gets a commission on each photo sold via the agency. This is a great way to get your picture out there at the same time build a name for yourself in the photography industry. However, selling your stock photography can be quite challenging. Below are some of the tips that you can use to sell stock photography.


One of the best ways you can sell your cheap stock pictures is by submitting your photographs in several stock agencies. This is an issue of increasing your exposure rate. It is pointless to stick to pone stock agency, as different stock agencies have different client base, which are looking for similar components in a photo. If you submit your pictures in several stock agencies, you will be able to get attention of so many clients with a given picture, which is good for business. To add on this, your photos can be declined by a given agency and accepted by another, depending on the wants of the agency. You should therefore be ready to submit your photos on various stock agencies to expand your reach.


Learning from rejected photographs is another way you can improve your sales. This is an indirect way of boosting your stock photography sales. It is of utmost important to ensure that you pay attention to the mistakes of a rejected photograph. This will help you better your skill and know what the consumer wants in a photograph. One of the mistakes seen in most rejected photos is the sharpness and focus of the image in full resolution. Some parts of the photo are hazy and not clear.


Before you submit stock motion photograph, you should always look at its full size. This will allow you to see some of the noise that might be in the photo. Noise is the pixilated regions in the photo. Stock agencies do not accept photos that have these regions.



You also have to submit as many photos as you can in the stock agencies. This will increase your chances of selling. For more facts and information regarding Stock photography, you can go to